Zhang Jing
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Dr Jing Zhang


Dr. Zhang Jing - Teaches Business Policy and Strategy, International Business 
and conducts a PhD seminar on Strategic Entrepreneurship in the
College of Business & Public Administration
Old Dominion University (ODU)

Dr Zhang was formerly Assistant Professor of Management in the 
College of Business at Iowa State University.  

Prior to that she was a faculty member of the Lancaster University Management School
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development



Until the end of 2006 Dr Zhang worked at Lancaster University:

RCUK Research Fellow, The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (IEED)

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship research, in particular, small business creation and growth
Strategic Management, in particular, technological innovation and knowledge management
Social network theories and practice in business management
International business, in particular, in China and Singapore

Research at Lancaster University

Social networks and entrepreneurial resource acquisition & learning
Strategic alliances and knowledge management in biotechnology industry

Research Grant Awarded

 Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) Pump-priming Research Grant in 2006


Jing joined IEED in Sep 2005.  Before that she worked as a research fellow and visiting lecturer at Cass Business School, City University London.

She received her PhD in Business Policy from the National University of Singapore in 2004, and her Bachelor and Masters from Renmin University of China.  She has worked with the Strategy Department at Legend Group in Beijing.

Legend Group:
Since it was established, the company has affected the lives of millions of Chinese: It first introduced PCs to households, then promoted PC usage in China by establishing retail shops nationwide.  It also developed the pioneering Legend Chinese Character Card that translated English operating software into Chinese characters, and achieved breakthroughs like PCs with one-button access to the Internet.
By 1994, Legend was trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; four years later, it produced its one-millionth personal computer.  In 2003, Legend changed its brand name to Lenovo, taking the "Le" from Legend, a nod to its heritage, and adding "novo", the Latin word for "new", to reflect the spirit of innovation at the core of the company.  The company name changed from Legend to Lenovo a year later.


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