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Credit Risk Management - The Novel [ Part One ]

A new concept in business books, which is ‘difficult to put down’…

Paperback Version:  ISBN: 978-0-9576279-2-5  Kindle eBook Version:  ASIN: B00CGMS2CS


"This is truly an amazing credit risk management education and entertainment."


Managing customer and supplier risk in a real business (one that supplies real products and/or services) is an exciting and challenging career opportunity.  However reading about the related subjects in text books can prove to be dull.  

This is not a dull text book, it is a story that follows the day to day work of a credit risk management team as they face and overcome various challenges.  You are invited to ‘listen in’ to their conversations and read the outline of the solutions they employ.  The detail of their solutions appears at the end of the book so reading the detail is optional.

There is a parallel story that follows the adventures of James E Cricket an Agent of the Office of Peace, which provides an undercurrent of twists and turns.

"It's a great idea to dramatise a subject like credit risk. I hope this becomes a trendsetter..."


Book Review of Credit Risk Management - The Novel (Part One)
in The Asset Magazine

In the March 2015 edition of The Asset the Assistant Editor, Christoph Kober, reviews Credit Risk Management – The Novel (Part One).  Here is a brief extract:  “In The Novel, Wells presents technical concepts in a manner that is enlightening to anyone interested in how oil majors and traders fuel the world economy.  In the sometimes covert world of commodities, the book reveals how large oil majors can do business even with nefarious traders and national oil companies with erratic payment patterns.    Practical advice wrapped in lively accounts of how large commodity deals are brokered make the book a helpful guide not only to credit professionals but treasurers and financial directors as well. "  To read the whole Book Review click here  



"...obviously it’s more vivid and attractive than a regular textbook by scheming plots in various scenarios..."


Credit Risk Management - The Novel is written especially for anyone who loves to immerse in a good story and is bored reading business books full of jargon, misleading accounting standards, theory, formulae, worthless three variable mathematical models and acronyms; like CVA, PD, EAD, PFE, CDO, CLO, CDS, standard deviation, etc, etc. 


There are case studies galore that you will hardly notice but will remember, and will no doubt apply when appropriate.


"Very creative and entertaining indeed."


Leave academic and impractical texts gathering dust on your bookshelf and read 
Credit Risk Management - The Novel
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Paperback Version

Kindle eBook Version

This is the first narrative non-fiction novel to feature the true to life experiences of a team of professionals managing business to business credit risk, day to day.     

Credit Risk pervades every level of business, so as a business student or graduate there is no better way to supplement your knowledge on the subject than with practical, real life experiences.  Immerse yourself in a good story and equip yourself to deal with the challenges of the real business world.  

Book Review of Credit Risk Management - The Novel (Part One) 
on website:
August 23, 2014: 
Great reference book for commodity traders, easy and good fun to read

This book is great for those risk professionals, who have hands-on responsibilities in commodity trading and have realized that academic books are well short of the real day-to-day work.

Ron shares his hands-on experience managing credit risk in commodity trading by explaining in great detail the pros and cons of risk mitigation instruments such as stand-by and documentary letters of credit, single credit risk insurance, payment undertakings, bank guarantees and promissory notes.

He illustrates his explanations with the daily life of a credit and collateral management team in an oil trading company,
revealing those decisions and actions that require solutions from those who, like the author, have experienced and solved real credit defaults and near default incidents.  
In addition, the adventures of a credit risk and undercover secret agent walks the reader through the historical events that have shaped the world in the last decades.

Good fun; I will buy the print edition to keep on my desk for reference.

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