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Surviving the Deviant Risks that KILL Businesses – Don’t do ‘a Volkswagen’ Most physical business Board Risk Committees, Chief Risk Officers, CEOs and business Owners only pay attention to assessing and managing those risks for which data is available.  They follow the banking fraternity’s love affair with risk and probability models, which naturally cannot be produced in the absence of data.  Of course that means that when unimaginable risks occur they are totally unprepared to manage the fallout, so they miss opportunities to limit the damage and/or opportunities to capitalise on the resulting market turmoil.
Routine Counterparty (CP) Credit Risk Reviews - Improving the Process is Possible Does ‘Annual for every CP’ make sense?
Regarding the timing and required depth of CP Credit Risk reviews each organisation should adopt a policy appropriate to its particular circumstances.  This article highlights some alternative policy approaches in order to provide ideas to be considered by policy makers.
Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs) – Basics for Corporate's Whether you are a Seller or Buyer of goods this article provides the basic information you need in order to start replacing Standby Letters of Credit and/or Documentary Letters of Credit (LCs) with the BPO or BPO-Plus process respectively.
The BPO & Friends have a Stranglehold on the LC and will soon finally lay it to rest…

Every business that accepts Standby Letters of Credit as collateral cover (security) for its sales transactions should switch to requiring Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs).
The BPO-Plus (BPO & Friends) will gradually but inexorably replace transaction related Documentary LCs over the next five years or less.  The considerable rewards intrinsic to using BPO and electronic documents in combination are available to every trading partnership today; you should be benefiting.

Hedging Future Commodity Price Risk Can Damage a Company’s Liquidity

Hedging future commodity price risk could damage a company’s liquidity and/or its competitive position.  
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Emissions Credits Trading Brief summary of the market complexities and credit management aspects of Emissions Credits Trading
The Black Swan Concept Considering what this concept means to the Credit Risk Management profession
Future Credit Organisation Developing scenarios describing how international credit management may function in the future.
TradeCard A new method to secure international trade transactions, safe-guarding buyer and seller.
@GlobalTrade ( Facilitating electronic Documentary Credits (eDC) and electronic document management.
(Standard Chartered Bank)
Facilitating electronic trade document management.
Trade Credit ScoreCard 
& Limit Model
A standardised methodology for credit analysis, credit assessment and trade credit limit calculation.
Bank Risk ScoreCard & Limit Model A standardised methodology for determining bank limits for the acceptance of Documentary Credits and/or bank guarantees, without confirmation.
Credit Derivatives;
including Bankruptcy Swaps
A vehicle for buying or selling bankruptcy protection. That is, the facilitation of 'payment risk' trading.
Portfolio Management
of Accounts Receivable
Methods available to maximise the A/R asset, and the development of tools to fill any gaps identified.
Brent Crude Futures, 21Day BFOs & Exchanges of Futures for Physicals (EFPs) These contracts are actively traded and related published prices used to set the cost of over 65% of crude oil in the world. However the jargon, processes and related credit risk implications are not well documented.
Forensic Cash Flow Analysis™ Developing a one day course for graduates and practicing credit professionals. & SURF Replacing paper documents with electronic records, in a form acceptable in Court.



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