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DME Oman Crude Oil Futures (OQD)
The Dubai Mercantile Exchange’s OQD contract is becoming the crude oil pricing benchmark for the Asian market, displacing the Dubai Crude Oil Futures contract. It is important to understand the credit risk implications of trading in these and the associated OTC Oman Crude Oil Contracts. This article clearly covers all important points.
25 Day BFOEs - Understanding the related Credit Risk ( Previous 2001/03 notes updated as per December 2012 )
ICE Brent Crude Futures and 25 Day BFOE (Brent-Forties-Oseberg-Ekofisk) Forward contracts create the basis for the determination of the cost of more than 65% of the crude oil bought and sold in the world. However the jargon and processes related to the wider Brent Futures and BFOE market are not easy to unravel. Understanding the credit risk implications is even more challenging. This article clearly covers all important points.
Hedging Future Commodity Price Risk Can Damage Your Company’s Liquidity:
Hedging future commodity price risk is something to consider, only if you guard against the chance that the outcome could damage your company’s liquidity and/or its competitive position . Click here to obtain a copy of the Chinese version of the article. 
Read Taleb’s Black Swan*?....twice?… now what?
* The Black Swan – The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb 2007, Penguin Books
What does Taleb's Black Swan concept mean for someone in the business of Credit (Performance and Payment) Risk Management?  Click the link and read the article to uncover one possible answer.  Click here for the Chinese version of the article.
Assessing, Quantifying and Managing Buyer or Supplier Performance Risk in the Physical World is the Challenge   An extended version of this article is now available in English and Mandarin Chinese.
Customers will Fail to Pay, but Which will Fail and When? - Scenario Planning would benefit Credit Risk Management
Forensic Cash Flow Analysis™ - A 21st Century Global Credit Management Tool
Global Impact of CO2  Emission Credits Trading in Europe
Payment Undertakings & Risk Sharing Agreements - an alternative to the use of Documentary Credits (LCs)
Bank Risk Management
Country Risk Management
Credit Management - Principles & Practice (also available in Russian)
Customer Risk Management
A Generic Trade Credit ScoreCard & Limit Model
Promissory Notes (Veksels) and Bank Guarantees as alternative forms of payment risk cover (also available in Russian)
Challenges for Credit Risk Management in the Energy Sector
There is a Better Way to Manage Your Credit Department, It Just Hasn't Quite Been Invented Yet ...
International Credit Management in 2010 - A Scenario
Business Travel Hints plus Customer Visits, Cultural Differences  and Working with Interpreters
Dealing with other Cultures
Working with Interpreters
Credit Insurance (including Post Loss Insurance)
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