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Ming Li 


Consultant and Author; 
specialising in matters relating to trade with China

Mrs Ming Li Holkham (also known as Li Ming) holds a Bachelor degree (BA) in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (English) from Shanghai International Studies University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Central England (UCE) in Birmingham, Business School.  At CASS Business School, City University, London, Ming successfully passed the MPhil/PhD transfer panel, thereby obtaining approval to undertake a PhD.

Ming also holds an MA Certificate in Postgraduate studies Academic Practice: Higher Education Teaching Learning and Assessment training, awarded by CASS Business School.

Ming's time at UCE included responsibility for teaching, tutorial and assessment in relation to the MBA Entrepreneurship Pathway and MSc Entrepreneurship courses, as a Faculty Team member.  This experience equipped her with the knowledge and skills to oversee an academic programme and its delivery in the United Kingdom.  In 2002 and 2003, Ming gave a paper at the Entrepreneurship in Europe Conference at the University of Dauphine in Paris, entitled: "British Universities’ role in promoting Entrepreneurship in the West Midlands".  She also presented a paper in English at the conference of the International Entrepreneurship Forum in Beijing (2002).

Ming Li is a native-speaker of Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua - the common dialect) and fluent in English; with excellent intercultural knowledge, covering contemporary language, history, business practices, politics, geography, philosophy, and aesthetics.

Ming also has a basic knowledge of Japanese.

Ming co-authored the Simplified Chinese Language version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary, which involved translating the original work and adapting it to ensure that the resulting publication would be understandable in the context of the People's Republic of China. 

The name of the Chinese version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary in pinyin is:

Huan Xin Ping Heng Biao Shang De Shui Shi 
- Guo Ji Xin Yong Guan Li Shi Yong Zhi Nan

Which translates as:
Awaken the Sleeping Lion on the Balance Sheet 
- an executive summary for international credit management

Details of this book can be found on eStore BWB (in English).

Ming was then commissioned to design the content for the Chinese Studies Half Award Programme and its individual modules for the University of West England (UWE) Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, in Bristol.

Ming contributed to the preparation of the documents required for the validation of the University’s awards.  Advised the planning team on the coherence, relevance and proposed learning outcomes of the programme as a whole; on the appropriateness of individual modules; and on reading materials and other learning materials for the programme. The Chinese Studies Half Award Programme was successfully validated in the Summer of 2007.

Ming has worked in various commercial undertakings in both the People's Republic and in the United Kingdom.  Additionally she has conducted cultural sensitivity training seminars for UK business executives working with and/or travelling to China.  

In 2008 Ming worked as a Credit Risk Analyst with a global commodity trading firm, based in London.  In 2009 she was promoted to work as a Business Origination Executive in the Emissions Trading Team of that firm.  Ming became a key member of the Emissions Trading Team, having gained superior expertise and contacts in this field, and having secured several important contracts.  After Emissions Trading volumes significantly declined Ming returned to the Credit Risk Management profession, in London, taking up a vital role supporting the Europe, Middle East and West African crude oil and refined products trading activities of a major Chinese integrated oil company.  That company has since promoted Ming assigning her the key role of Corporate Risk Manager overseeing both Market and Credit Risk.

Ming can be contacted at



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