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Ronald Keith Wells trading as BarrettWells Books (BWB) specialised in aiding Credit Executives to develop creative solutions and confidently underwrite transactions, thereby nourishing and sustaining their own and their Counterparties' businesses.


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The Chameleon in the Room: 
Embrace Business Risk - Assure Survival & Growth

The Chameleon in the Room is available in Paperback and eBook/Kindle versions; use the links below to purchase your copy.  It is unusual as it provides tools specifically designed to manage risks that are often ignored by executives; the same risks that have surprised and fatally wounded many giant enterprises, and countless SMEs.  It particularly addresses the concerns and responsibilities of Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, ‘C-Suite’ Executives, SME Executives and Start-up Entrepreneurs.  
ISBN-13: 978-0957627949
Author: Ron Wells
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The Chameleon in the Room is a must-read for those managing risks!
By William Bastiaan on July 7, 2017 Format: Paperback
The writer looks beyond the obvious, makes comparisons across cultures. He ‘slices’ the concept of risk in fragments and does describe the obvious but, even more important, explains the non-obvious. It makes you re-think, challenges you to look at things from a different perspective, and provides tips and direction, based on actual events. In short, very practical and a must-read for those engaged in the management of risks.

Recommended to everyone who wants to deal with business risks successfully!
By Andriy Sichka on November 26, 2015 Format: Paperback
I always had a feeling that knowledge of the theory is only one part.  Another, much more difficult one is finding a way to apply it in practice.  Reading The Chameleon in the Room resolved majority of my doubts concerned with risk management.   Written by a practitioner for practitioners the book shines the light on the areas left by theories in dark, and gives clear guidance for everyday practice.  I recommend this book to everyone who wants to deal with business risks successfully!

Review of Global Credit Management an Executive Summary on website:  
April 27, 2014:Good book, easy to read and very useful.

The book is a very good addition to my current study in credit management and I would recommend it to any credit manager or professional who wants to become credit manager. The book is written in a nice way and the subjects are short, but concise, which makes it easy for a study.  

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Book Review of Credit Risk Management - The Novel in The Asset Magazine

In the March 2015 edition of The Asset the Assistant Editor, Christoph Kober, reviews Credit Risk Management – The Novel (Part One).  Here is a brief extract:  “In The Novel, Wells presents technical concepts in a manner that is enlightening to anyone interested in how oil majors and traders fuel the world economy.  In the sometimes covert world of commodities, the book reveals how large oil majors can do business even with nefarious traders and national oil companies with erratic payment patterns.   Practical advice wrapped in lively accounts of how large commodity deals are brokered make the book a helpful guide not only to credit professionals but treasurers and financial directors as well. "  To read the whole Book Review click here  

Review of Credit Risk Management - The Novel (Part One) on website:  August 23, 2014:  Great reference (book) for commodity traders, easy and good fun to read

This book is great for those risk professionals, who have hands-on responsibilities in commodity trading and that have realized that academic books are well short of the real day-to-day work.
Ron shares his hands-on experience managing credit risk in commodity trading by explaining in great detail the pros and cons of risk mitigation instruments such as stand-by and documentary letters of credit, single credit risk insurance, payment undertakings, bank guarantees and promissory notes.
He illustrates his explanations with the daily life of a credit and collateral management team in an oil trading company, mirroring those decisions and actions that require solutions from those who, like the author, have experienced and solved real credit, defaults and near default incidents.  
In addition, the adventures of a credit risk and undercover secret agent walks the reader through the historical events that have shaped the world in the last decades.
Good fun; I will get the print edition to keep on my desk for reference.


How to obtain a copy of Credit Risk Management - The Novel (Part One)

The printed and/or Kindle eBook versions of Credit Risk Management – The Novel (Part One) are available from 
eStore BWB
, and 11 country specific Amazon websites; (India), (Brazil), (Mexico), (Japan), (UK), (France), (Germany), (Italy), (Spain), (Canada) and (Australia). 

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The ISBN 13 (International Standard Book Number) is 978-0-9576279-2-5.

One person who read the eBook version
commented; “I did read your novel and enjoyed it.  It made me smile a lot!”  

"It's a great idea to dramatise a subject like credit risk.  I hope this becomes a trendsetter..." (Reader Comment)


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