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Global Credit Management: an Executive Summary

Ron Wells
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-85111-1
166 pages

A practical approach to global credit management

Written by an experienced practitioner in the field, this comprehensive book gives practical advice on how to address credit management issues in order to generate competitive advantage.

Review  of Global Credit Management an Executive Summary posted on website:

Good book, easy to read and very useful. 27 April 2014

The book is a very good addition to my current study in credit management and I would recommend it to any credit manager or professional who wants to become credit manager. The book is written in a nice way and the subjects are short, but concise, which makes it easy for a study. 

 Global Credit Management: An Executive Summary (The Wiley Finance Series)


'Hello Mr Wells; I have just finished reading your book and I loved it!  I will be looking at credit in a positive light from now on.  Thanks for writing such a great book.  Best regards, A O 
( Unsolicited email received 2008.06.10 )

'Wells has the unique ability to present complicated issues in a light and lively manner, often through the use of theoretical discussions between the credit executive and the CFO, sales, or customers. The book covers topics from the intermediate to advanced level …..'
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( IOMA’s Report on Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections – May 2004 )

'... one of the most intelligent and refreshing exposés of the present and future rôle of international credit management that I have read in a long time.'   Global Credit Management 'represents a very welcome and innovative addition to the small library of quality publications available on international credit and risk management.'  
( Tim Lane, Director of European Operations, ICTF - International Credit & Trade Finance Association

'This is a tour de force.  Wells provides conceptual and technical tools to turn credit management from a menial risk control function into a creative contributor to high-level marketing strategy.  This is a vital handbook for all Credit Managers. It is also a wake up call for CFOs and CEOs.'
( Adam Dupre, Managing Director, China Company Research Services Ltd )  

'I have received your book on Friday and read parts of it during the weekend.  What can I say... I will read it all.  Great information in a style which is easy to digest even complicated topics.  Love those dialogues.' 
( Jacob Katsman, CEO, GlobalTrade Corporation )  

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Author's Comments

Global Credit Management is the perfect gift for a business leader or Finance student.

Global Credit Management was written for business leaders; Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Business Unit Managers, and Owners of Small or Medium Enterprises.  It consists of 166 pages of easy to read prose, free of unexplained jargon and containing few diagrams.  In fact the writing style makes this book suitable for readers for whom English is not their first language, as well as for those who are not familiar with the world of credit management.

The Credit Manager of a global commodity trading house – one of the largest in the world – reported that his CEO saw his copy of Global Credit Management and promptly ordered six.  The CEO gave a copy to the head of each of the company’s business units, presenting the book as ‘essential reading’.

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