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Review of Huan Xin Ping Heng Biao Shang De Shui Shi - Guo Ji Xin Yong Guan Li Shi Yong Zhi Nan
Awaken the Sleeping Lion on the Balance Sheet - an Executive Summary for Global Credit Management)
ISBN: 978-988-99586-1-9

I believe most readers, just like myself, feel they vaguely understand what credit management means.  My specialty is in the corporate strategic management field, with some brief encounter with financial management and credit management in university studies and other qualification studies.  My understanding was that credit management equals receivables management; a concept connected to the ‘triangular debt’ 1 and ‘debt collection companies’ in the economic circumstances of 1990s; a burden to corporations and enterprises, hardly connected to other aspects of corporate management – until I had an opportunity to read this book.  Indeed my former appreciation of credit management was rather superficial.  Credit management is a fundamentally important part of management.  Not only does it concern healthy cash flow, the lifeline of any corporation, it also directly influences sales and customer relations.  These are all strategic resources that determine a firm’s future.  I think this is the core message that the authors want to convey in this book.  I hope readers will grasp this message. 

I have enjoyed greatly reading this book as it has presented this complex subject in a very light and lively manner.  The authors have summarised the entire world of credit management within an effective length, focusing on the practitioners’ perspective. 

Credit management involves various specialist fields of knowledge; from an assortment of international laws to international banking practices.  The challenge of successfully managing in all of the required fields of expertise is daunting.  However the authors have developed a very clear structure to accommodate all practical aspects of credit management.  They have included very lively dialogues of theoretical discussions that bring the complex theories to life.  Readers are enabled to understand various concepts and practices with ease and thoroughness.  I believe not only professional managers but also amateur readers will all find this is an easy-to-read and easy-to-use book.

Another precious value of this book is that it has provided lots of examples and details to help practitioners to tackle the real issues in management practice.  This provides direct aid to improve Chinese firms’ performance in international transactions. 

Dr. Jing Zhang - Taught Business Policy and Strategy, International Business 
and conducted a PhD seminar on Strategic Entrepreneurship in the
College of Business & Public Administration
Old Dominion University (ODU)
See: https://www.odu.edu/directory/people/j/j3zhang

Prior to her tenure at ODU Dr Zhang was Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business at 
Iowa State University.  Prior to that she was a faculty member of the Lancaster University Management School
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development


1 China 's intractable "triangular debt" problem, in which a Chinese lender cannot repay its own loans because its borrowers are unable to repay their debts.  Resulting in a triangle formed by (1) the original investor/lender, (2) the original borrower/lender, and (3) the ultimate borrower that cannot pay.

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