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Energy Credit Risk - The Future & Career Prospects
Ron Wells presented this topic at the 28th European Credit Education Group Conference in Athens, on June 24, 2014.
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Review of Global Credit Management an Executive Summary on website:

April 27, 2014:Good book, easy to read and very useful.

The book is a very good addition to my current study in credit management and I would recommend it to any credit manager or professional who wants to become credit manager. The book is written in a nice way and the subjects are short, but concise, which makes it easy for a study.


BarrettWells Credit Resources (BWcr)
is the vehicle through which T3P LIMITED and Associates provide counterparty risk management support and resources to businesses operating globally.
Credit Builds Sustainable Businesses.
Creative Credit Granting Solutions
Sustainably Nourish Businesses
Creating Jobs Worldwide

BarrettWells Credit Resources (BWcr) Specialises in aiding Credit Executives to develop creative solutions and confidently underwrite transactions thereby nourishing and sustaining there own and their Counterparties' businesses.


  1. Live Online Workshops.  Provision of web-based training seminars, discussions and conferences.  See: BWcrLiveWeb Events, click here.

  2. In-house Tailored Coaching.  Coaching of individual Credit Officers or Credit Teams, face to face or via WebEx video conferencing.  Click here to read more details and view examples.

  3. Consulting.  Studying proposed contracts, Letters of Credit or other collateral documentation, credit insurance policy documentation, credit reviews and/or credit limit proposals; in order to provide reasoned advice and recommendations, as a first or second opinion.

  4. Credit Risk Management Projects.

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Services are provided on-line or on-site in any European city; also in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Istanbul, amongst others.  
The working language is English.

Assignments undertaken by BarrettWells Credit Resources (BWcr) and its Associates will be governed by service contracts including confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions.  Any opinions or recommendations offered in good faith by T3P LIMITED or its Associate(s) should not be substitutes for the application of independent judgement and expertise by the decision maker or makers within the client organisation.
Fees are negotiated in advance and only pre-agreed travel and accommodation costs for work based beyond central London or Surrey will be billed.

The contract party will be:   T3P LIMITED, Company Number: 04344371, Registered in England & Wales.
1st Floor MIDAS House, 62 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6LQ, United Kingdom.


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"It's a great idea to dramatise a subject like credit risk.
I hope this becomes a trendsetter..." (Reader Comment)

To buy a Pdf or ePUB copy click:  ISBN: 978-0-9576279-0-1
More details and Suppliers (including Amazon Kindle) click:

Credit Risk Management - The Novel
is written especially for anyone who loves to immerse in a good story and is bored reading books full of business jargon, misleading accounting standards, theory, formulae, worthless three variable mathematical models and acronyms.

You are drawn into an historical fiction that is interwoven with the day to day challenges of a credit risk management team.  There are interesting twists and turns, characters are developed, fascinating places are visited, and little known facts emerge.  It is a light novel packed with humour and sure to spike your curiosity.  


Ron Wells is also the author of Global Credit Management an Executive Summary about which one reader commented:

"Hello Mr Wells; I have just finished reading your book and I loved it!  I will be looking at credit in a positive light from now on.  Thanks for writing such a great book. 
Best regards, A O" 



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